Follow up to editing videos in Fedora

This post is a quick update to my original post “Editing videos in Fedora 19 with Openshot

Editing some Indy 500 footage on Fedora

Editing some Indy 500 footage on Fedora

I just got back from the Indianapolis 500 race, and used Openshot on Fedora 20 to put together a few video footages I took of the race into 1 video with some text and backround music by Arcade of Fire. Check it out below:


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Google Drive Client for Fedora 20 and dwb

Check out this open source implementation of a Google Drive client for Fedora called Grive… it actually works!

Grive for Fedora 20

Grive for Fedora 20

As a bonus, check out the TopIcons GNOME 3 extension, it shows legacy tray icons on top of the GNOME 3.x bar.

Finally, if you are a vi fan, check out the web browser dwb.

yum install dwb




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ZaReason UltraLap 440 + Fedora 20

For my birthday I wanted to get a non-Apple laptop to run Linux (specifically Fedora) on. I haven’t purchased a personal non-Apple laptop in a while. I am not a huge fan of what PC manufacturers have been doing with laptops recently (quality, price, design, hardware)… Long story short, I decided to give the laptops from ZaReason a shot. I picked up the UltraLap 440, which turns out to be some obscure brand called Compal, model VAW70.

So, here are a few notes about my experience so far:

The Service

  • Price is reasonable comparing to other PC makers, but when compared to a Macbook Air (specially after this week’s announcement) it is not as attractive.
  • The shipping was a bit on the high side (specially since it was ground, very expensive for 2nd day delivery), but I understand I am on the very opposite side of the country.
  • The laptop was back-ordered for a few days, but there was no communication about it until I actually emailed them about it.
  • Once I did inquire about the delay, ZaReason was very professional and quick to respond emails. That’s good!
  • Very well packaged!
  • Absolutely love the fact that you can pick a Linux distro to be pre-installed, Fedora 20 being on the list.

The Hardware

  • The design is OK, it is plastic all around, feels a bit cheap (again for the price), but not horrible. The specs are actually pretty nice. Intel Haswell i5, 8Gb RAM, 500 Gb 7200 RPM (I could have gotten SSD, but decided to save money)
  • Not too heavy (when comparing to regular PC maker laptops)
  • I don’t use cd/dvd drives anymore, but these do come with one.
  • Resolution is only: 1366×768 (it was known when I bought it), for the price, I wish it was 1400×900
  • The touchpad is no Apple (probably my favorite feature on any Apple macbook laptop), but it is better than a Thinkpad.
  • The keyboard is probably the part of this laptop that has disappointed me the most. It is not very responsive. The way I type, I press certain keys, and it doesn’t respond. It doesn’t feel like it is a ‘there is something wrong with the keyboard’ type of thing, it is more like the keys are a bit too stiff to type on.
  • The AC adapter is pretty much like any non-Apple, AC adapter, black and bulky.


I wanted a laptop to run Linux on where I wouldn’t have to be jumping through hoops to get things working. This laptop does that. Aside from the ‘looks’ of it, and the keyboard, it is not a bad laptop at all. If the price was about $100 cheaper (or even if shipping, 2nd Day was free) it would be a much more attractive alternative to the Dells, HPs and Lenovos of this world.

Terminal output:

$ sudo dmidecode -t system

Handle 0×0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
Manufacturer: Compal
Product Name: VAW70
Version: V1.01T01

Gnome 3.12 about:

zareason1 (598)

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Article: RHCE, the developer’s key to production access at Red Hat IT

I wrote an article for Red Hat’s Developer Blog this week.

Check it out at (246)

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Release Candidate is out!

If you didn’t catch the announcement last week, RHEL 7 RC was released to partners, and today it was released to the general public. Grab it at

Here’s a screenshot of my install:

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.45.09 PM


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